All my life I have been an avid horse lover. So when my Great Aunt Ethel Gardner started our breeding program well over 50 years ago with her great stallion, The Yankee (Whippoorwill Duke X Jenny Lake), Morgan horses became my way of life. I am very blessed to be a third generation Morgan breeder and owner. I work in conjunction with my mother Niven Owings, whose Spring Lake Farm is centrally located in Lake Wales, FL. My Great Aunt and my mother have been some of my greatest mentors and they have instilled a strong sense in me that the Morgan Horse should be a versatile horse. Pick your horse for his correct conformation, intelligence, disposition and versatility; then pick your discipline, change your discipline, use the same horse. With the Morgan this is easy to do as they are known for their quick and flexible minds, calm and steady way of going- along with their BIG loving hearts. My Great Aunt Ethel's stallion The Yankee was a multi Champion in many disciplines from , dressage, western, english, even harness racing as well as being an incredible family horse on the trail and at home. To learn more about my Great Aunt and the contribution she made to the Morgan Horse World, and believing that the Morgan horse is the ultimate versatile horse please read this article about her from the August 2003 issue of The Morgan Horse magazine, titled "Yankee Ingenuity", written by Sue Brander.

Our hopes are to produce foals that match or exceed the expectations that we have of their parents. In essence, each foal should be better than the sire and dam. This results in a classic Morgan, with a chiseled head and tippy ears, a full curvy body along with strong sturdy legs and fabulous "Morgan" feet. By carefully selecting and matching mares to stallions, we believe that is what we are accomplishing at our farms. Because of this, sometimes we only produce a few foals each year, but I think it is worth the wait.

Our foundation lines are rich in old blood, with such respected Morgans as Squire Burger, Lippitt, Flyhawk, Ulendon, Blackwood Correll, Mentor, Californio, Winterset, Jubilee King and his full sister Sentola and of course Whippoorwill Duke. We are honored to have some of the closest living relatives to Figure in our herds as a few of these horses will trace to Figure in 11 generations as many as 12 times.

At MtnTop Morgans in Brooklyn, MI we have been selectively adding a few colorful Morgans that we hope will have a great influence on the foals we produce. Above and beyond, we strive to produce the "perfect foal"; if this foal also happens to be colorful, then that is wonderful too.

Photo credit in the above website header goes to Wendy Peterson for the two dressage photos.

Visitors are always welcome at MtnTop Morgans, Brooklyn, MI as our horses just love visitors. A call in advance is most appreciated.

March has been another one of those busy and crazy months.  It started on a high note with the birth of our first foal on March 5 at 5:30 AM.  All legs and a beautiful Morgan head.  It didn’t take long for her personality to shine through either.  I am happy to announce MtnTop Sweet Anticipation aka Sweetie (MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Tan War Bird) 2017 black or smoky black filly owner by Dana Crossland. We will be adding pictures and later videos of Sweetie to the For Sale page for updates ONLY as I don’t think you could pry her out of Danas hands.

Soon after the birth of Sweetie my husband made the trip to Florida to my moms place, Spring Lake Farm, to pick up a couple of horses to come back here.  He arrived in time for the snow.

The first is a boy that truly means VERY much to Kurt and I and that is the wonderfully talented stallion, Spring Lake Thistle (Yankees Anhingo x Southbrook Trophys Summer) 2004 100% foundation chestnut stallion.  I was blessed to put training on him many years ago and bringing him to MtnTop Morgans not only means my mothers breeding program will carry on but he will be an added asset to the Morgan world.  You can find more pictures and videos of him on our Stallion page.

Pictured at 2  ½ weeks old

Well our last foal for 2017 arrived safely on March 19th.  What a beauty she is as well with such fun markings.  Here is MtnTop Be Still My Heart aka Mya (MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x MtnTop Easter Lily) smoky black filly with lots of chrome.  Mya was purchased in utero and a big congratualtions goes out to Angela Pollard on owning this beauty!

For more pictures of both 2017 foals please so go our For Sale page.  Even though both foals are sold I will keep updates on that page until they are weaned and on their way to their new homes.

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