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The handling of our foals and horses here at MtnTop Morgans is one we take very seriously. The care and training of our foals starts at the moment of their birth. Lessons learned at this age can last a lifetime. Match that training with the genetic predisposition of a Morgan and the end result is an outstanding adult horse that not only loves people but is a willing partner.  You can see lots of different foaling handling videos of my babies on my Training page scroll down to the foal videos.


All our foals are handled daily and learn to stand tied, lead, be clipped, vacuumed, have their feet trimmed, etc. all in a very relaxed frame of mind. If a horse comes here as an untrained horse they will get all the required handling to become a respectful quiet horse before being started under saddle. This is important for the horse/human relationship.


All my babies are dewormed monthly and get monthly hoof trimming. They come with AMHA registration, transfer of ownership to AMHA, and all the normal foal training that my babies get. Our Training page has links to many of our YouTube videos that show how we handle our horses, from foalhood through under saddle work. We invite you to check them out! I am also adding for anyone that buys one of my  foals they will receive a future discount if the foal comes back to me for training under saddle! And I am also adding that if folks would like the foals to stay past their weaning dates for some extra foal training (will go as long as through the yearling year) I will offer that at half my training rate.  


Since our Stallions, MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek and Spring Lake Thistle, will no longer be standing to the public if you are interested in having a foal by them you will have to purchase one from us.  We plan on having 4 foals per year.  Contact us if you would like specific mares bred to a certain stallion, a custom order so to speak or check below to see what mares have been bred for next year and IF their foals are still available.

Expected 2020 foals at MtnTop Morgans

Breeding for 2020 – Each year I am excited about foals and breeding but I will say that I think 2019 and 2020 foals will be super exciting as each has it own special reason for breeding.


Spring Lake Cali’s Bingo (aka Baby) x MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek – This is a SUPER exciting cross as basically it is bringing my mothers breeding program back with Whippoorwill lines on the bottom (Baby) and crossing it with my breeding program of Whippoorwill through the stallion line and moms breeding through the bottom.  (black is the only color option for this foal) SOLD and checked safely in foal due mid March 2020


MtnTop My Pleasure x Spring Lake Thistle – Again another SUPER exciting one for me as this cross is sort of a flip of the breeding of Spring Lake Calis Bingo x MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek.  By bringing my breeding program on the bottom and adding it to my moms breeding program on the top. (black, bay, chestnut foal) SOLD and checked safely in foal due April 1, 2020


And last is a repeat cross from 2019 Coulee Bend Silver N Gold x MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek – WELL here is what we decided.  I want a silver bay Morgan so IF the 2020 foal is a silver bay then it will be retained if it is not than well it has all ready SOLD (bay silver, buckskin silver, bay, buckskin foal) Retained/SOLD and checked safely in foal and due April 15, 2020.

Riding horses

For Sale

This has been very hard for me to do but some decisions are so hard to make even if they are the right ones.  Without giving away our age, LOL, my husband has decided that he wants to retire within the next 5 to 6 years.  So that means that I will also be retiring, at least semi or almost fully retiring from horse training and breeding. I mean, after all, I hope to have horses for the rest of the life the good Lord has lent me.  BUT I want my numbers down and given that I have about 5 years to sell 2 horses I am in no rush at all. 


I am fully booked for outside training horses for the next 3 years and after that I will basically be on consult only, with maybe a few exceptions.  Next year we have 3 foals coming and all 3 are taken.  After that I would like to have only 1 foal a year (maybe 2 to start with so I don’t retire cold turkey) just to keep me happy and I do love working with the foals very much!


We have sold one riding mare all ready and the second we are holding off and getting her back in riding condition and she will be available in 2020 so if you are interested please contact me. I know of one other mare that I will be offering as a broodmare in a couple of years.


(Universal Trigger x Universal Terrific Cross)

2006 cremello mare (ee Aa CrCR), 100% Foundation

This is another mare I thought I would have forever but when looking at retiring tough decisions have to be made.  She is such a wonderful mare I want to give someone else the opportunity to have this wonderful mare.

 “Faith”, by Universal Trigger and out of Universal Terrific Cross, is the mare I spent 3 years looking for. One, she had to be 100% Foundation; two, she had to be a double cream dilute; and three, she had to carry at least ONE agouti gene. Faith not only met all these requirements but she has fabulous bloodlines to boot. Dusty Joe, Californio, Triple S and Whippoorwill lines... what a combination! What a producer she is.  I have retained two of her foals for our future breeding program and to ride and love on. See them her on the mares page, MtnTop Goodness Gracious  and MtnTop Easter Lily.


This lovely mare is a dream come true. And what a sweetheart she is! She is the first to come see you at the gate and plays very well with our weanlings. She is very sturdy and correct, with great bone and a super lovely head. She moves with such elegance and grace. She is a very fast learner and took to her saddle training with all the heart I would expect of this bloodline.  She is a natural at trail riding and enjoys being out.  She seems to pass that EASY  attitude on to her foals.  And when people come to visit and ride she is who I put them on.


Faith is very versatile.  I can take her anywhere and ask her to do anything and she does it.  Showing Western, Dressage, trail riding AND being a fantastic mother.  Shown in classical dressage in Training level but showing at 1st Level.  She is the boss mare in the pasture but is not aggressive about it she will nicely with the toss of her head tell the other mares to move off and she will share all her feed and hay with any of the foals that are around even if they aren’t hers. ​


In May of 2013 I was very excited to take Faith to a John Lassetter Dressage clinic for three days.  Below are a shortened version of each day there.  About 8 minutes long each :)  Two links and the last day of the clinic embedded. You can see so much changes and improvement by the third day.  And in the end John had us leg yielding and half passing at the trot.  Doing counter canters etc.  I REALLY loved how well John instructs he explains each and every time just what he wants you to do even if you have done the exercise before.  Wonderful teacher!!!! Thank you John so much.

John Lassetter clinic day one - click here

John Lassetter clinic day two - click here


Since we have all ready sold one riding mare Faith will be available in 2020 this will give us time to get in back into riding condition after having foals for the past couple of years.  If you are interested in her please let me know.

Universal Trigger

Universal Terrific Cross

Dusty Joe

Triple S Silver Butie

Gold Cross Suncatcher

Flaming Jubilee

Sneakers Image

Triple S Silver Fox

Triple S Summer Breeze

Whippoorwill Arges

Tia Marietta

Miss Terrific

Blanco Oran

Sue's Ruby

You can view Faith's complete pedigree here. 

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

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