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The handling of our foals and horses here at MtnTop Morgans is one we take very seriously. The care and training of our foals starts at the moment of their birth. Lessons learned at this age can last a lifetime. Match that training with the genetic predisposition of a Morgan and the end result is an outstanding adult horse that not only loves people but is a willing partner.  You can see lots of different foaling handling videos of my babies on my Training page scroll down to the foal videos.


All our foals are handled daily and learn to stand tied, lead, be clipped, have their feet trimmed, etc. all in a very relaxed frame of mind. If a horse comes here as an untrained horse they will get all the required handling to become a respectful quiet horse before being started under saddle. This is important for the horse/human relationship.


All my babies are dewormed monthly and get monthly hoof trimming. They come with AMHA registration, transfer of ownership to AMHA, and all the normal foal training that my babies get. Our Training page has links to many of our YouTube videos that show how we handle our horses, from foalhood through under saddle work. We invite you to check them out! I am also adding for anyone that buys one of my  foals they will receive a future discount if the foal comes back to me for training under saddle! And I am also adding that if folks would like the foals to stay past their weaning dates for some extra foal training (will go as long as through the yearling year) I will offer that at half my training rate.  


Since our Stallions, MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek and Spring Lake Thistle, will no longer be standing to the public if you are interested in having a foal by them you will have to purchase one from us.  We are widning down our breeding program so if you are interested in a certain cross pleae contact me.   Contact us if you would like specific mares bred to a certain stallion, a custom order so to speak or check below to see what mares have been bred for next year and IF their foals are still available.

All foals and horses sold will be to an Approved Home ONLY.  This will be on what we wish for our foals and horses and does not reflect those that may have wonderful homes, it just might not be what we are looking for for that particular horse/foal.  Thank you for understanding

Expected 2021 foals at MtnTop Morgans

Breeding for 2021 – Each year I am excited about foals and breeding and with having some proven crosses coming in 2021 sure makes it easier to know what to expect.  All my mares are bred to MtnTop Whipporwill Tanek for 2021

MtnTop Easter Lily - I have done this cross 2 other times and LOVED it so much that if I had not kept my 2020 foal this would be the one I would have retained but that makes it GREAT for someone else to have one.  SOLD -   Buckskin colt born February 13 9:35 PM Congrats to Barbara H on Wyatt he is stunning

Spring Lake Cali’s Bingo (aka Baby) – This is a SUPER exciting cross as basically it is bringing my mothers breeding program back with Whippoorwill lines on the bottom (Baby) and crossing it with my breeding program of Whippoorwill through the stallion line and moms breeding through the bottom.  The full sibling to the foal is just amazing and what you would expect from the cross.  SMART, easy going and independent along with the Morgan beauty (black is the only color option for this foal) Born March 27th a chromed out colt. SOLD -  in utero Congrats to Carol P.


Coulee Bend Silver N Gold - Well this has certainly become a golden cross for us here at MtnTop Morgans easy to see why when you look at the foals.  I expect no less from this one :D - Born Easter morning a lovely bay filly.  Sold in utero Congrats to Tamara  We will be repeating this cross for 2022 as our only foal and it has also sold in utero with a big congrats to Ashley of MI.

Riding horses

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(Baptiste Blue Hawaii x Universal Selection)

2012 cremello mare (ee Aa Crcr), 100% Foundation

  SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Cassie and Carol on purchasing Lily.  She will fit well into their herds as they all ready have some MtnTop horses. Well folks as most know I am semi retiring and I have all ready cut back on my horses.  I have my very last mare that I am selling, the rest are staying with us to ride and have one foal a year.  Here is her information it is a bit long so if you are interested, please read on. 

MtnTop Easter Lily (Baptiste Blue Hawaii x Universal Selection) 2012 cremello Morgan mare eeAaCRCR nd2/nd2 CC, right at 15 hands

I will also begin with this is not a fire sale and an approved home will be a must!!  I am pricing Lily far below her value for a few reasons.  Main reason is that with our move I am far behind on riding and working my keeping horses so this could be a plus for the right person.  NOW if I have to put the 90 days on her (which I will begin soon if she doesn’t sell)  I can promise you her price will easily double.  While Lily is a very easy-going mare and absolutely LOVES people, she is looking for her one special person and she is the type of mare that will do ANYTHING for her “person”.  She has had very little saddle time, I have probably put about 30 days on her bits at a time, here and there, as I have had the time. BUT what she does know is quality.  She walk/trots, stops off your seat and since I feel it is very important to learn and have control over all the body parts she will back off your seat, turn on the forehand and turn on the haunches under saddle.  She is soft in the bit as well.  I do not have riding videos of her since it was last fall while she was pregnant that I hopped on her.  If I get to the point where I get video of her undersaddle by than her price will have gone up dramatically.

I would say she is not for a beginner, mainly because she has a bit of a quirky personality (don’t we all LOL) Hers has been since birth and is that while she LOVES people and will run to meet anyone in the pasture, she doesn’t like the smell of humans.  Many times, she will flange her nose after smelling you and if she is in heat she might even squeal at you.  You can of course touch her nose and mouth but you just have to go gently when adding the bit etc.  If quirky doesn’t bother you or you love to laugh at your horses personality, she could be for you.

As a broodmare mare she has the most incredible foals and settles easily BUT because she does LOVE everyone and everything, she is a VERY protective mom.  My theory is that when she finally gets her very own little foal she is like “MINE, MINE, ALL MINE”!  What has worked for me is when I go in the stall, I catch her and tie her up, when tied she doesn’t dance around, she just stands there while I play with the foal.  But if out in the pasture she will not allow the foal to come to you unless they sneak over which they all tend to do.  All her foals have loved people.  For this reason, if someone is interested in breeding her, I will only sell her to an experienced breeder, no beginner breeders please.  I want the best for my horse and for the person who owns her.

We did two quick videos on July 18, 2021 I gave her a bath and just so happened that we had rain coming in and it was very overcast that we didn’t have time for her to completely dry which is why she sort of looks like a palomino in the videos LOL but I promise she isn’t one.  She is also a bit thinner than I would like and I do have her on some cool calories to put her weight back on but the move and leaving her foal on until he was 5 months old had her thinner than I would like. 

This is our new pony playground and some of the things Lily had not seen before.  The double tires were new and this was her FIRST time going over them.  She has not seen the big Spooky Kitty in YEARS but she is a trusting mare :D   OK I forgot to add water to the water obstacles LOL but there was water in the kiddy pool if that counts 😉

As a mover Lily is wonderfully forward moving with a big walk and a super soft floating jog. Ground manners are wonderful and will get even better than what you see once she is handled more consistently.  What you see in these videos is what you get with her she hasn’t been “worked” with in a LONG time so imagine how wonderful she will be once someone works with her consistently.

For more pictures and information including price please contact me either through messenger, email or call (my number is on my website).  PLEASE no tire kickers or just curious about price etc., unless you are truly interested in a new horse.  APPROVED home only.  Located in western TN.  My website has pictures of her as a foal and up though last year.  I even got a few extra ones the morning after the videos since amazingly she didn’t roll over night and was still clean :D

Both videos done July 2021

Pictures below are from July 2021










Baptiste Blue Hawaii

Universal Selection

Pal-A-Mors Golden Sun

Kodiak Gold Model Walker

Gold Cross Suncatcher

Glori Del Sir John

Correls Mae


Triple S Summer Breeze

Whippoorwill Arges

Tia Marietta

Blanco Oran

Miss Terrific

Sue's Ruby

You can view Lily's complete pedigree here. 

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.