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This page will be a work in progress as foals and horses sell I will add them to the page.  When I had to redo my website I lost ALL the the  previous pictures and information I had had on past horses.  So I will slowly be adding those back as well.

The fun part is there are quite a few folks that have multiples of our babies and they don't sell them they keep them all which is

fantastic IMO

MtnTop Meadowlark

(Spring Lake Thistle x Universal Selection)

2018 palomino filly, 100% Foundation

Lark is lovingly owned by Jennifer Kroll of MI

MtnTop Mi Ami D'or

(Spring Lake Thistle x MtnTop Easter Lily)

2018 palomino colt, 100% Foundation

Buddy is owned by Amy Milan of MI

MtnTop Be Still My Heart

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x MtnTop Easter Lily)

2017 smokey black filly, 100% Foundation

Mya has joined her half sister, Jospehine, and lives with Angela Pollard in MI

MtnTop FlyWithMeJosephine

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Tan War Bird)

2014 bay filly, 99.9% Foundation

Josephine is one smart and sweet girl.  She is another one of my foals that came back for her saddle training and was EASY and willing.

MtnTop Sweet Anticipation

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Tan War Bird)

2017 smokey black filly, 99.9% Foundation

Sweetie has joined Dana Crossland and lives in Canada

MtnTop Miss Amelia

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Universal Selection)

2016 smokey black filly, 100% Foundation

Amelia is owned by Cassie Thomas of MI

MtnTop Never Say Never

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Universal Selection)

2015 buckskin colt, 100% Foundation

James as in James Bond lives in TN with Jim Tinley and will join Jim in driving.

MtnTop Absolute Dream

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Graces  Shesallthat Willow)

2015 black filly, 99.9% Foundation

Abbie is outstanding and lives with the DeRose family where she joined her brother Ande (pictures right).  I am super excited to announce that Abbie will be coming back to MtnTop Morgans in 2019 for her saddle training.

MtnTop Grand Adventure

(Universal Gold Card x Tan War Bird)

2012 buckskin colt, 99.9% Foundation

Ande was fantastic from the beginning his full sister lives in Germany.

MtnTop John Henry

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR Le Fire Bird)

2015 black colt, 100% Foundation

John Henry got his name for being such a BIG colt yet very gentle. 

He made the long trek to southern CA to live with Tammy Fredrickson

MtnTop Dark of the Moon

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Whippoorwill Aliya)

2015 baycolt, 100% Foundation

Moon was a go getter at birth.  Its exciting that he has stayed in Michigan and lives with Barb Sougstad.

MtnTop M-One Garand

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR Le Fire Bird)

2014 black colt, 100% Foundation

Garand lives in Or with Pam McDermott of Dawn Winds Morgans

MtnTop Sir Gallant Knight

(Universal Gold Car x Spring Lake Katefly)

2013 smokey black colt, 100% Foundation

Sir G was one I had thought to keep and did until he was 3 but since I have his half brother as my main stallion it was just too closely related to keep him.  I did however bred him to my best producer Tan War Bird and kept the filly, MtnTop Lady Bird Brooklyn from that cross for my future breeding mare.

MtnTop Macchiato

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Amberfields Cafe Au Lait)

2013 smokey black colt, 99.5% Foundation

Mac is a smart one rides and drives and won many trail in hand classes as a yearling.  He is enjoying life with Steve Lessack.

MtnTop Paschal Moon

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR Le Fire Bird)

2013 black colt, 100% Foundation

I know we should not have favorites but Pascal was one of mine.  He now lives in NH with Carolyn Townsend.

MtnTop Isabella

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR Le Fire Bird)

2012 black mare, 100% Foundation

Bella lives out in CA with Jo Johnson.

MtnTop Truly Scrumptious

(Baptiste Blue Hawaii x Amberfields Dun Lovin)

2012 smokey black dun mare, 99.9% Foundation

Truly lives in Canada at Mia Mar Morgans .

MtnTop Phoenix Rising

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR Le Fire Bird)

2011 black gelding, 100% Foundation

Phoenix lives in Ohio with Sandra Kosek and he is another one that I had the privledge of having come home for his saddle training.

MtnTop Alegria

(Universal Gold Card x WAR Le Fire Bird)

2011 buckskin mare, 99.9% Foundation

Alegria is a wonder and made the long trek to live in Germany with Michael Trouboth  and family.  In 2017 she produced an outstanding colt for them that won top honors at the Germany Morgan show.

MtnTop Marcus Aurelius

(Springlake Pallidin x BRMF The Yellow Rose)

2011 bay colt, 100% Foundation

Marcus lives out in WI with donkeys and mules for company.

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